Khakabo Traveller - Yein Nwe Parr

(Information Only)

This book was printed by Nan Devi Book Publishing House, No. 200, 1st floor, 36 Street, Upper Block, Yangon, Myanmar. 1st Edtion, Oct, 2012. Circulation: 500 Copies. Price 5000 Kyats. This book comprises 243 Pages.

Including Facts:

1. History of Khakaborazi

2. Revealing Khakaborazi

3. Hey day of the Khamti Shans

4. Light dawns in Khamti Land

5. Model Lisu Village

6. Namkham or the gold yielding stream

7. American fruits come to Namkham

8. The lovely flowers of Myanmar

9. The Home of the Rawangs

10. White Colour Lovers - The Rawangs

11. Rawang Ethnic Tribes

12. The Rawang - Their Physique and life style

13. Traditional Customs of the Rawangs (A)

14. Traditional Customs of the Rawangs (B)

15. The Beauty of Myanmar Orchids

16. Myanmar Orchids enter the world market

17. The beauty of Kanbawza - Vanda

18. Pannandin Village

19. Ngwe Taung - old silver mining town

20. The Htalu Tribe

21. Towards Goobar Village

22. Happy Tibetans in Myanmar's icy mountains

23. Seinku Wang

24. A love story born in the snow capped hills (Part I)

25. A love story born in the snow capped hills (Part II)

26. A love story born in the snow capped hills (Part III)

27. Farewell Goobar and Seinku Wang

28. The Pygmies of Myanmar

29. The Culture of the Tarons

30. The snow capped last village of northern Myanmar

31. In the Land of ice capped mountains

32. Entering the European type Alpine forest

33. The Rhododendrons of Myanmar (Part I)

34. The Rhododendrons of Myanmar (Part II)

35. Musk deer and Machit tuber

36. Approaching Khakaborazi (Part I)

37. Approaching Khakaborazi (Part II)

38. Farewell Khakaborazi